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What Is Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs?

Parasites are called STDs. The contact is usually vaginal, oral, or anal sex. But some STDs like Herpes and HPV are also spread by skin-to-skin contacts.

Some Common Infections Are

  • Genital herpes,
  • Gonorrhoea,
  • HPV,
  • Syphilis,
  • Chlamydia

They Usually Present With

  • Vaginal discharge
  • Foul smell
  • Soreness or blisters or warts in genitalia, anal region or mouth
  • Painful micturition
  • Pain abdomen and fever
STDs are treatable and preventable (by using CONDOMS and VACCINES) You visit Dr Shivanjali at the early phase without any hesitation and discuss regarding the diseases.