Living with PCOD could be a taxing ordeal. It is known to give rise to immense stress and even emotional health problems associated with it. However, this in no way implies that the condition is untreatable. Here, in this outline, we will share some tips collected from the experience of the best doctors for PCOS treatment on dos and do nots of PCOS.

The Dos of PCOS (PCOD)

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS (PCOD), you should inculcate a bunch of practices in your everyday lifestyle. These practices are:

Regular Exercises:

Having PCOD does not mean you have to crib through the whole day about how unwell you feel. Instead, staying active and soaking in the simple joys of life can significantly alleviate your condition. Exercise does not necessarily mean sweating in a gym. You can simply build the habits of a few freehand exercises or go out strolling for 30 minutes every day.

Adequate Sleep:

Your everyday quota of eight hours of sleep can be the most miraculous medicine to keep the stubborn symptoms of PCOD in check. An adequate fill of sleep will not only make you feel rejuvenated but also will help you maintain a proper weight.

Do not skip medication:

You should rigorously follow the medications prescribed by the top PCOS/PCOD doctors in Newtown, Kolkata, since skipping a single course could be detrimental to the entire structure of treatment.

Keep Track of Your Menstruation Cycles:

According to the top doctors for PCOS treatment in Newtown, it is important for a PCOS patient to keep a thorough tab on her periods. A missing period could indicate other auxiliary conditions, even endometrial cancers in some severe cases. Hence, you should keep your doctor updated on the status of your menstrual cycles.

Maintain Proper Weight:

Obesity can function as a major catalyst for the symptoms of PCOS/PCOD. Maintaining a healthy weight is pivotal in your fight against PCOD. However, often women with normal weight fall prey to the syndrome. This exceptional onslaught of PCOS is medically termed as Lean PCOS. If you are suffering from the symptoms of PCOS, despite maintaining a healthy weight, you should consult the doctors for PCOS treatment in New Town.

Don’ts of PCOS/PCOD

Now we come to the second section: the don’ts, aka the medical restrictions you must adhere to if you have PCOS.

Avoid excessive alcohol intake:

PCOS makes you vulnerable to a bunch of auxiliary conditions, such as diabetes and myriad heart diseases. A habit of alcohol consumption will escalate the risks of the latter.

Avoid carbs and sugar:

According to the doctors, one of the major symptoms of PCOD is insulin resistance. Hence, you need to take this into account in your dietary practices and avoid high-carb, high-sugar foods as much as possible.

Do not skip an appointment with the physician:

If you are undergoing PCOD treatment under the supervision of a healthcare provider, you should endeavour to attend all your sessions.

With these dos and do nots of PCOS as your compass and the best doctor for PCOS treatment in Newtown as your healthcare provider, you will be sure to emerge victorious in your battle against PCOD.

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